Sunday, 2 December 2018

Different Superfoods

You can not go around the superfood hype with good fast food. Practically everyone has 1 or 2 in house. If it is not a chia seed, then it is maca powder. And if it is not wheatgrass, then it is bee pollen. We can not even start a list of superfoods, because it will be too long. Not interesting to read. That's why we tested four for you. Athletic Greens Best Superfood Drink And the nice thing is: we already tell you that we can also give this package away. 

We start with two classics. Coconut palm sugar and coconut oil. Both are never missing in the kitchen of De GM and we make practically everything with them. We always have two pots of coconut oil at home. One to bake and cook, one to make deodorant and to use as a face cream. That's right, you can simply apply pure coconut oil on your face (or on the rest of your body) and nothing is wrong. In fact, it is a very good idea, because coconut oil is soft and healing for your skin.

This extra virgin organic coconut oil from Aman Prana is our favorite. Why? Because it is delicious spreadable and smells the best. Really, there can be big differences between the brands. This coconut oil does smell like coconut, but not in a dominant way. If you put it on your face you do not have to be afraid that people around you will ask who is eating a coconut cake, to name just one example. In addition, this coconut oil is nice and 'rich': you just feel that you are dealing with quality.

Coconut oil is perfect for baking and roasting. The oil is heat resistant; this means that the oil can handle a very high temperature before it is converted into harmful substances. As is the case with olive oil, for example. In short: coconut oil is our best friend. We can not imagine a day without him.

As we have already said: we also always have coconut palm sugar in our house. We no longer use 'ordinary' sugar and replace everything with this great product. Do you want to know more about coconut sugar? Then read this article that we wrote last. We are HOOKED.

Ideal that Superfood also sells coconut palm sugar! So you can take it nicely with your order and you have everything you need. You can find coconut palm sugar through this link. 

Bee pollen. This is a story separately. There are often discussions about whether or not bee pollen is vegan. The fact is that a bee has to work for the production of bee pollen. This works in a similar way: the bees extract the pollen from flowers and plants and add nectar to it. This causes granules to form. The pollen sticks to the legs of the bee. Before the basket goes in, the pollen with brush is removed from the legs. Of course, we can never guarantee 100 percent whether it is affected by this, but the insect does not have to die for this. For some vegans, it is nevertheless difficult that the bee has to work for our food and therefore he or she will not add the bee pollen to his or her diet. Of course everyone can decide for themselves!

Why are bee pollen so healthy for us? Bee pollen consists for 30 percent of carbohydrates and 20 percent of fats. Also are mini vitamin bombs. A small selection from the list of vitamins and minerals found in bee pollen: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sillicum, zinc, magnesium, iron, iodine and vitamin B12. A product, straight from nature, so full of essential nutrients.

Not unimportant to mention; bee pollen helps very well against hay fever. Throw those pills away: a jar of bee pollen will help you the next hay fever season!

Bee pollen can best be processed in a smoothie, or by, for example, a hot breakfast - think of oatmeal porridge. You certainly should not put the pollen out of the jar in your mouth, because it is not good. We process about 1 or 2 teaspoons of bee pollen per day through our breakfast and that is also the recommended dosage.